phrase  [frez] N-片語、詞組、說法

while [hwaɪl] 一會兒,一段時間 [hwail]        

  I'll be back in a while .  

  We rested for a while.

  Please wait a little while longer.

immediately 立即,即刻,馬上ˋmidɪɪtlɪ]

never 從未;永不

  He never goes out late at night.

  She will never go there again.   


  After graduation she went abroad.   

  At half after nine it began to rain .

later 較晚的,更晚的

earlier 早先的 [ˋɝlɪr] 

always 總是,經常

forever adv-永遠[fɚˋɛvɚ]      

  Nobody lives forever

all the time (在該段時間內)一直

  That letter I was searching for was in my pocket all the time .  

when  疑問副詞-何時

  When did you last see Mary?

 相關連結:【英語筆記】When 問句

soon [sun]  不久,很快地

I think you will have done all the work soon.

It is going to rain very soon.

whenever (副詞)無論什麼時候 [hwɛnˋɛvɚ]        

  →I told him to come back whenever he wants to .


  →Come and see me whenever you like.你隨時都可以來看我。

  Lunch is ready, so we can eat whenever we want.

meanwhile (名詞)其時,其間[ˋmin͵hwaɪl]

  → In the meanwhile I ' ll visit an old friend of mine .

  →I was still working and manwhile everybody went to the party.


occasionally (副詞)偶爾,間或ˋkeʒən!ɪ]

sometimes  (副詞) 有時 [ˋsʌm͵taɪmz]

  We sometimes meet them.

Sometimes we need to look back to know where we are going to.

from time to time   有時, 偶爾, 間或

  I see John at the library from time to time

  She plays piano from time to time .

in the meantime在…期間之內; 同時

In the meantime let us do the things we can .  

during (介係詞)在……的整個期間ˋdjʊrɪŋ]

  during …後用表示「特定期間」的字

He came during your absence. 你不在時,他來了

during my absencs 我不在期間

during the week.在一週當中

They met and fell in love with each other during the high school.

afterwards  [ˋæftɚwɚdz]以後; 後來

now (副詞) 現在、此刻

Go now or you ' ll be late .

next 下次

  I will come earlier next time.

  I’ll pay attention next time.

following () 在那之後

once (副詞)一次,一回

  I see them once every three months .   

then  (副詞) 那時,當時

→John worked in that factory then .

at length經過一段長時間之後、最後

  At length the bus arrived , thirty minutes late .

in the end最後

  →In the end , we reached a compromise.

    compromise [ˋkɑmprə͵maɪz] N妥協(方案),和解

simultaneously (副詞) 同時地[saɪməl

  at the same instant

  instant (adj)立即的,即刻的- [ˋɪnstənt]

subsequently (副詞) 其後,隨後  [ˋsʌbsɪ͵kwɛntlɪ]

Subsequently the arrangement was terminated.

arrangement n-準備工作,ˋrendʒmənt]

terminate (v)使停止,使結束-- [ˋtɝmə͵net]







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