Renting a car sentense

make a reservation (call or walking up to the counter)


airport Car Rental

Where is the rental car booth?

Where could I get some information about renting a vehicle ?

where can I rent a car?

at the Car Rental Counter

I’d like to rent a car, what kind of car do you have?

I would like to rent a car.

Do you have any cars available?

Do you have any compact cars

I can’t drive a stick.Do you have any automatics?

Do you have offer a drop-off service?


Car Rental Clerk

Did you make a reservation?

I'm sorry, we don't have any cars available today.


check your license

May I see your international driver’s license and passport,please.


car rental's day

How long will you be renting the car?

How many days do you want to rent this car?


I want to rent it for one week.

I need it for 5 days.

Four days only.


A: How many days do you want to rent this car?你要租幾天車?

B: Four days only.只有四天


type of car

What sizes do you have?

What size car would you like?

What type of car do you need?


We have compact, mid-size, full size,and a minivan.

You’ve rented a mid-size sedan with Gps for five days.

I'll take a full size car.


Rental car insurance  租車保險

How much is insurance?

Would you like insurance on the car?

Will you be needing insurance?

third party injuries 第三責任險

personal property damage 個人財物損壞險 ˋprɑpɚtɪ]

comprehensive意外險 (adj)全面的 [͵kɑmprɪˋhɛnsɪv]

full coverage全額保險 [ˋkʌvərɪdʒ]

I’d like full converage


My credit card covers the rest.



about the bill

Can you explain all the charges on my bill?

What is the total? 總共多少錢?

What is the rate?價格多少?

How much is the full size car?

How much is the midsize car?

The total will be $150.19



A: May I see the car?

B: Certainly. I’ll show you how to operate it.


A:How much do you charge if I am an hour late?

B:We charge an additional $10 for every four hours that you are late.


You will need to return it by 5pm on the 20th.

The gas tank is full. You should fill it up before you return the car.

If I need to cancel, when should I do ?

Hello, I have a reservation under last name XXX.

Hi, I have a reservation for a full size car.

Can I see your driver's license?

How many people are going to drive?


car's problem

My car broke down.我的車子拋錨

I got a flat tire.  [flæt]我的車爆胎

The brakes dont work very well.煞車不怎麼靈光。


Conversation 1





A: I’d like to rent a car, please.

B:Which model would you like?

A:I prefer a German car.

B:O.K. ,how about a Audi?



A:Hello,my name’s Anna Lee. I’m going to be in Tokyo on business ,and I need to rent a car.

B:O.K.Ms. Lee .What kind of rental are you looking for ?

A:It’s pretty much just to get to the office and hotels.I’ll have the passengers,so I need a four-door.


B:OK,you have a choice of compact,intermediate,standard,full-size.


A:How much is full-size?

B:How long will you need to car for ,Ms. Lee?

A:I’m guessing about five days,but maybe less.How much would that be?

B:The total comes to $230.

A:OK.I’ll take the full-size.I’d like to reserve September 12th through the 16.




A:Good morning ,how can I help you?

B:Good morning .Can I arrange car rental here?

A:Sure, how many days woul you require?

B:For four days , staring tomorrow moring.

A:Do you have any special requirement?

B:I don’t mind ,but I only need a small one.

A:O.K. we will arrange a small car for you.

B:That sounds fine.How much will it cost?

A:It cost $1000 per day.

B:Does that include all the extras?

A:Yes, that’s all include.

B:ExcellentCan we do the paperwork now ,to save time tomorrow?

A:All right,we can do it now. Please sit down here, and provide a driver’s license.

B:Good. Here’s my driver’s license .

A:Do you want to pay in cash or credit card?

B:By visa, here’s my card.



A:How can I help you today?

B:I would like to rent a car.

A:Do you have a reservation?


A:That’s all right.What size are you thinging?

B:Well , this is my first rental. What size do you have?

A:We have serveal cars to choose such as a compact car, mid size car and minivan.

B:I’m traveling with one friend, so a compact will be fine .What are your dairy rate?

A:For the compact ,it’s $30 per day. How long will you be renting the car?

B:One week,how much is it ?

A:In that case , you’ll be paying $210. Would you like a insurance?

B:How much is it ?

A:It is $10 per dayand it covers everything regardless of fault. [rɪˋgɑrdlɪs]

B:Yes ,please.

A:Good choice.May I have your driver’s license and a credit card please?

B:Yes. Here’s my driver’s license and visa.



AI want to make a reservation. I am flying into CDG Airport. Do you have a booth there?

B:Yes, we do.What date are you flying in?

A:I am arriving on Sep. 20nd.

B:What time is your arrival time?

A:I am scheduled to arrive at 10 AM."

B: What size car would you like?

AA compact car.

B: Good choice . How long will you be renting the car?

AFive days only.

BCan I get your name?

A: Yes. My name is Anna Lee.

BCay you spell that?

A: Last name is L E E.First name is A N N A.

BO.K.Thank you . I have reserved a compact car for you for Sep. 20nd until Sep. 25nd. Is there anything else I can help you with?

AThat’s all.

BThank you.

AThank youBye.



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