cousin [ˋkʌzn] (或表)兄弟;堂(或表)姐妹

kinswoman  [ˋkɪnz͵wʊmən] (n)女性家屬

  She is my father's near kinswoman.

kinsman  [ˋkɪnzmən] (n)(男性)家屬

niece [nis] 姪女、外甥女

  My mother's nieces are my cousins.

nephew[ˋnɛfju] 姪兒;外甥;先生或太太的外甥和姪兒

  My father's nephews are my cousins

She has a nephew who is just five years of age.她有一個五歲的姪兒

I have a son.

I have a daughter.

I don’t have any kids. 我沒有兒女

My daughter majors in music.

They are my parents.

My dad (mom) passed away. 我的父親(母親)過世了

  We miss our dad (mom) very much. 我們很想念我們的父親(器親)

My mother raised us by herself. 我母親獨自撫養我們長大。

She(He) had to work very hard. ()必須辛苦工作

→He never remarried.他不曾再婚。

My father raised us by himself.

My father is very easygoing.我父親很隨和

I’m an only child. 我是獨生子(獨生女)

I’m the youngest in my family.我是家中老么

I’m the oldest in my family. 我是家中老大

I have a brother and three sisters.


What does your brother do ?你哥哥(弟弟)從事什麼工作?

What does your sister do?

My brother is a doctor.

My sister is a teacher.

He works part-time in a fast food restaurant. 他在一家速食店打工。

He is in graduate school.他就讀研究所

He just got out of the army.他剛退伍

She works at Abc Bank.

She is between jobs.他正在找工作


My sister is a quiet girl.

My sister is a little shy.我妹()有點害羞

My sister is a sweet girl.我妹()是個可愛的女生。

My sister doesn’t have a boyfriend.

She is pretty. 她很漂亮。

She is slim. 她很苗條。

My brother lives in Japan.

My brother doesn’t have a girlfriend.

My brother is stubborn.

stubborn [ˋstʌbɚn]固執的

He is good at sports.

He plays basketball very well.

He is married.他已婚

He is single.他單身

He is tall.






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