We have a meeting this afternoon.

   I’d like to attend the important meeting.

hold a meeting舉行會議/hold a conference 開會

  To decide what to sell on internet next month, the sales manager held a meeting. 為了決定下月在網路進行販售的產品,銷售經理們召開一個會議。

attend a meeting 參加會議

preside over a meeting 主持會議

   preside [prɪˋzaɪd] V-擔任會議主席,主持

conference會議 [ˋkɑnfərəns]

  The content fo this conference should be kept in secret.這場會議內容應該保密

  She attended the international conference.

    a peace conference和平會議

conference agenda會議議程

agenda  [əˋdʒɛndə] (N)議程

  item No. 5 on the agenda   議程上的第三個事項

press conference記者招待會

  We missed the press conference.

present [ˋprɛznt]出席的,在場的

  How many people were present at the meeting ?

  →All the students were present.

presentin a new light提出不同的看法

  John presented things in a new light.約翰提出了不同的看法

presence[ˋprɛzns] n.出席,在場;存在

  →They did not welcome his presence.

attend(V) 參加

  He attended the meeting.

  →attend school 上學

absence [ˋæbsns] 名詞-不在,缺席[U][C][+from]

  Who came in my absence?

  absence of mind 心不在焉

absent[ˋæbsnt] -缺席的,不在場的[+from]

  →He is often absent from school. 他常缺課

by way of PowerPoint presentation用投影片方式呈現

  presentation [͵prizɛnˋteʃən] (N)-顯示,呈現;表現;描述

  I will explain this project by way of PowerPoint presentation.


put off 延遲

 The meeting will be put off until all the employees are able to attend.






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