What do you like to do on the weekend? 你週末喜歡做什麼

I love reading novels. 我喜歡閱讀小說

I read to kill time.

I like driving aroud.我喜歡開車兜風

I like to go window shopping.我喜歡逛街

I like to go traveling.

Tomorrow we will go out for a trip.明天我們要外出去旅行

I ‘m really looking forward to this.我一直很期待這個

That sound fun.這聽起來很有趣。

I jog. [dʒɑgn-慢跑] 我慢跑

I cook.

Cooking is my pastime. 烹飪是我的消遣。

pastime  [ˋpæs͵taɪm] (N)消遣;娛樂

I can’t do anything.I have to work.

→That’s awful.

Nothing special.Just resting at home.


I have a parttime job on the weekend.

I go swimming.

I often go camping.

camping (V)露營→V原形camp- [kæmp]

I like to go to a baseball game.

I like to got to a basketball game.

I have to spend some time with my family.

I plan to use the weekend to practice drawing [ˋdrɔɪŋ].


Do you like sports?

Yeah, I love playing basketball


hockey [ˋhɑkɪ] 曲棍球/volleyball [ˋvɑlɪ͵bɔl] 排球

badminton羽球 [ˋbædmɪntən]

I’m a big Yankees fan.我是洋基隊的忠實球迷。

I love football game.

I’m not crazy about baseball.


I’m not interested in baseball.


Do you want to play tennis together sometime?

→Yech, let’s do it sometime.

Badminton is my favortie sport.

I’m not too good at sports.

Do you know how to water-ski?你知道如何滑雪嗎?

This is my first time.

Cay you dive?你會潛水嗎?

No, I don’t know how.


Do you do exercises?

I enjoy exercising on my own.

 →exercise[ˋɛksɚ͵saɪz] (V)運動

How often do you work out in the gym?


Is that difficult?

Do you enjoy the mountaineering rip?


mountaineering [͵maʊntəˋnɪrɪŋ](N)登山,爬山;登山運動

rip [rɪp] (N)裂口;裂縫

I like it very much.


What’s your hobby [ˋhɑbɪ]?你的嗜好是什麼?

My hobby is talking on the phone.

Listening to music is my hobby.

My favortie hobby is singing.

My hobby is listening to music.

watching moviesreadingbrowsing the internet

  browse [braʊz] (N)瀏覽drawing [ˋdrɔɪŋ] pictures

playing the pianoplaying the guitar


I collect postcards.我收集明信片

I love outdoor activities. 我愛好戶外運動。

I do exercise.我喜歡做運動






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