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I haven’t slept for 24 hours.
I haven’t slept better.
Haven’t slept a wink.
hit a home runSucceed with something.
poker faceThe expression on someone’s face does not show their thoughts or feelings.
a lucky dog a lucky person
a big dog a particularly prominent, important or powerful person, organization
a top dog A person who succeeds or dominates in their field.
dominate – verb统治;
Rain cats and dogsIt rains heavily.
to lead a dog’s lifeUnhappy life.
dog eat dog Used to describe situations in which people do anything to succeed, even if they do hurt others.
work like a dog Work hard
dog-tired Extremely exhausted
exhausted /ɪɡˈzɑː.stɪd/极其疲惫的
extremely/ɪkˈstriː adverb-非常
sick as a dog Very ill, especially stomach problems.
Every dog has its daysThose who are unfortunate can also succeed.
You can never teach an old dog new tricks. People who have long been accustomed to doing things in a particular way will not give up their habits.
sb’s bark is worse than his /her bite.
bark /bɑːrk/ noun-狗吠声
bite /baɪt/verb-(用牙)咬
Their words are worse than their actions.
meaner than a junkyard dog
junkyard /ˈdʒʌŋk.jɑːrd/ noun(堆放旧物等的)废物场
let sleeping dogs liePast things let it go, don’t ask for trouble


beats meI don’t know.
bring home the baconMake money for a family.
close to homeSomething makes you feel depressed, embarrassed, sad
face the musicAccept criticism or punishment for what you do.
Get out of hereExpress incredible common words
go home 
have a word withTalk to someone.
have the facecheeky  /ˈtʃiː.ki/ adjective 厚脸皮的
home free Completed the worst or most difficult part of some things and ensured successful completion.轻易取胜
homely ❶Describe a room or house is plain.
❷The appearance of the person is not good; the appearance is mediocre.
house arrestLosing personal freedom of movement, someone can only stay at home
I’ll leave you beI will leave you alone.
I’m goodI’m okay.
No,thank you.
It’s a long storyWhen someone asks you about what has happened and you don’t want to explain it to them, you can use this expression.
keep it upEncourage someone to continue doing something
My bad My mistake.
It is generally used between friends, colleagues, classmates and other acquaintances.
Tell me about itUsed to express the same feelings or the same experience
to put it in a nutshell Simply explain something.
What else is new?Not surprised at what someone said or something.
You can say that againI agree with your opinion.
You don’t sayExpress surprise or express sarcasm.
State a fact as passed a second ago.
safe and soundUse in a dangerous situation, indicating that someone is alive and not hurt
see you homeI will take you home.
Off the hook Out of trouble.
I second thatI agree.
on the same pageUnderstand and agree to what someone is doing or suggesting.


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