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Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale

Reading “Sell with a Story” is to learn to express, to learn to make others impressed in a story-like way, and to be interested in what you say.

The purpose of this book is to answer the following six questions.

  1. What is a sales story?
  2. Why do you want to tell these stories?
  3. What sales stories should I say?
  4. When do you tell a story?
  5. How to conceive these stories
  6. How to design and transmit to get the most influence of the story?


Persuading others to attract other people’s interests will make it possible to build relationships with customers.

We will be attracted to the story and even have a good impression on this person, but we will not be enthusiastic about the boring product content and the company profile that sounds similar.


Salesman work, often encountered rejected

You must first think about your sales motivation, whether to serve others or serve yourself?

Before you reach a deal, you and the customer are strangers, and how to use the correct one-story sales method, let the customer put down the defense, and then interested in your company, your product, is a very important thing. .

Because when the customer has a sense of trust for you, the deal is likely to be completed.

No customer likes a salesman. When he talks about product content, he only considers whether he can sign up quickly, and then can get commission from himself. Most of the customers like the salesman who can think for him. A salesman who can think of him from his needs and budget, or other aspects.


The salesman must get used to the rejection from the customer. Everyone can’t trust the person so quickly, and he won’t make a decision before he knows your product, because he has other choices, and other salesman, other companies are waiting to talk to him about this business.


Why do you need the ability to sell stories?

Rather than telling the salesman a lot of theory or terms, we want to know what the salesperson or the company has provided to his clients.

An example is mentioned in the book. There is a slow-cycling customer who wants to challenge the longest bicycle route.

The story that the leader can share is that a passenger with a similar situation made the same choice last week.

Last Wednesday, Sally picked the same route, but she knew it was a long challenge for her, so she got up an hour earlier, omitting breakfast, starting a few hours earlier than everyone, we rode forward, at 15 miles Mark the place over her, and eat muffin cakes and Yogurt at the next break, waiting for her. By 11 am, she had already passed the foothills and the next part was the lighter part.


The author provides a way to leave the name of each step first, but you must answer a few questions in the story.

  1. Why should the seller listen to this story?
  2. When did the story occur? Where?
  3. Who is the protagonist or hero? And what do they want?
  4. What are the problems or opportunities they encounter?
  5. What did they do for this?
  6. What is the final result?
  7. What did you learn?
  8. What do you think the seller should do?


Learn the story sales ability, you can integrate your personal and customer needs into the story, so that customers can think through other people’s stories that they are facing the same scene. What should be judged? What are the errors that can happen.

Storytelling is not to manipulate the emotions of customers, but to share them through stories, so that customers can understand a solution, a point of inspiration for ideas.

The story must be related to the customer’s needs. The customer’s needs may be hesitant for the weight of the product. You tell him that the features of this product are more than those of other competitors.

Storytelling must also grasp the rhythm of the story, as well as the length of the story, not to tell too long stories, because too long stories are easy to distract customers’ attention, and the purpose of the client is to understand this thing through your short description. It’s not time to come here to listen to your long story.


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