ship [ʃɪp]boat

captain [ˋkæptɪn]船長/機長/艦長

  They crossed the Pacific by ship .   他們乘船橫渡太平洋。

  He boarded the ship at 10:30

  →The ship will touch at Japan.船將停靠在日本

      touch at~船停靠


The captain announced the plane will land in 25 minutes.

      announce  [əˋnaʊns] V-宣布

carlimousine [ˋlɪmə͵zin] 大型豪華轎車/subway

truck[trʌk]卡車/taxibusshuttle [ˋʃʌt!]接駁巴士


go on board 上飛機、上火車  

go abroad去國外

  The number going abroad has risen. [ˋrɪzn] 升起的

by boat 乘船

  We will go to the island by boat.

take boat 搭船

We will take the boat to the island.

by airplane 搭飛機

  I am going to Taiwan by airplane.

by air 乘飛機

   I like to travel by air.

   I prefer traveling by sea to traveling by air.


board the airplane  登機

by car 乘車

  It’s more convenient to go to work by car.

by bus 搭公車

   I go to school by bus.

take bus 坐公車

  →How can we take the bus to train station?

by subway 搭地鐵

  →You can go to major attractions by subway. ˋtrækʃən]

by train 搭火車

  My dream is to tour around Europe by train.

  →I go to school by train.

take train 乘火車

ride a bicyle騎腳踏車

  It’s relaxing to ride a bicycle.

by taxiin taxi 乘計程車

on horseback騎馬

on foot 徒步







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